Bill Payments via My Vodafone App

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently there are 3 types of payments under the Bill Payment menu:

  • My Bill (only for logged in Vodafone Customers)
  • Retrieving a bill and Pay: Accessible by anyone but you have to manually enter a valid Vodafone number or account number of mobile or fixed along with the respective QID or Passport number. Fixed line billsand also bills of other Vodafone customers can also be paid by this functionality.
  • Quick Payment: Accessible by anyone but you have to insert a valid Vodafone number and the respective amount to be paid provided the minimum amount is QR 50. You can pay the bill of other Vodafone customers using this function.
  • Prepaid customers can pay the bill of postpaid customers through “Retrieve a bill and pay” or “Quick Pay” options.

Cards Accepted:

We accept all major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. However, for security purposes we don’t accept some credit cards issued by certain countries. If you use a credit card which is not accepted you will get an error message. 

You can make payments via Local Debit cards as well.

 Vodafone shall reasonably ensure that all your details are secure and safe from malicious use.  

 Vodafone Qatar or My Vodafone App does not store any of your credit/debit card details. The entire payment process of Bill Payment and Recharge are done through the Bank.

Failure in Bill Payment or Bill Payment is not reflecting:

There are multiple reasons that a Bill payment can fail. If you received a response that the Bank declined your card, then you need to check with your bank. If you get any other response feel free to log in to chat or email us.

If the payment is successful you will see the updated billing information after a few minutes. If you have seen the page confirming payment is successful and still the payment is not updated, please contact us in via Chat or email.

My Bill functionality not available:

For new Vodafone Customers,“My Bill” will be unlocked after your first bill is generated.

For Enterprise customers, your company may have blocked this feature and therefore this option is unavailable.