Vodafone Global Data

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vodafone Global Data?

Vodafone Global Data (VGD) is a new service from Vodafone Qatar exclusively for Vodafone Red Customers. It allows you to use your local data allowances in your current plans while roaming across the Vodafone Global network for no extra charge.  Fair usage policy applies and is explained below.

Where does Vodafone Global Data work?

In addition to Qatar, VGD works across the large Vodafone global network.

You can use VGD in the following countries:

Albania Hungary Portugal
Australia India Romania
Czech Republic Ireland South Africa
Egypt Italy Spain
Germany Malta Turkey
Ghana Netherlands United Kingdom
Greece New Zealand Qatar

Who is eligible for VGD?

The following Red plans are eligible for VGD currently:

  • Red 250
  • Red 350
  • Red Unlimited
  • Red VIP
  • Red QNB First

How do I activate VGD?

Simply dial *200*10# from your Vodafone Prepaid line. QR 0.5 will be deducted from your balance.

How much does VGD cost?

There are no extra charges for VGD, it is provided free of charge exclusively for Red customers.  You only pay you current plan charges.  For e.g. if you are paying QR350 for Red 350 and go to one of the Vodafone Global network countries e.g. the UK you can continue to consume your local data allowance in the UK similar to using it in Qatar.

Do I have to connect to any specific networks in these countries?

No, just like the Vodafone Passport Pack, you will be able to use VGD on any network while roaming in the countries listed above. For the best experience, you can choose the Vodafone network

Does VGD also work on the extra internet packs I use?

No, VGD is only eligible to the data benefits included in your plan.

What happens if I run out of data while roaming?

If you run out of data while roaming, you will go into out of bundle charges that will be as per the standard rates of these countries. However, as you are a Red customer, Bill Manager will ensure you are charged the best rates. As soon as you reach QR 100 spend, Bill Manager will give you an additional 1GB of roaming data along with 100 roaming minutes for no additional charges.

To ensure you get the most out of Bill Manager, please check that your Smart Limit is set over QR100. You can change your Smart Limit at any time by dialing *161#

You can also receive those benefits when you can activate the Vodafone Passport Pack by dialing *110*110# for QR 100/Week.

Can I use my voice call minutes while I roam with VGD well?

I have the Vodafone Passport Pack and/or Red Key and I am roaming in a VGD country, which data allowance will be used first?

Will I get notifications on VGD like my local data notifications?